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Computer Services

Computer Repairs in your Office or Home! Call System Network And Design 404-590-1763 System Network And Design provides a full range of computer solutions for business owners, home office workers and home computer users. System Network And Design s computer technicians can repair your computer promptly to let you get back to work. We cover all Atlanta Metro Areas. Computer RepairsComputer Repairs Are you tired of unplugging your PC and taking it to a repair shop every time you have a problem, and then having to wait up to a week to get it back? We come to you and solve your computer headaches. We offer a same day repair service in most areas. Virus & Spyware RemovalVirus & Spyware Removal Is your computer acting strangely? Are programs slow to open? Strange error messages popping up everywhere? These are some of the symptoms of a virus or spyware. System Network And Design provides onsite virus removal and can also give you advice on Anti-virus software. Computer UpgradesComputer Upgrades Is your PC slow to start up, or complaining about the lack of space on your hard drive? Now could be a good time to upgrade some components. Or how about an upgrade to Windows 7 /8? Internet SecurityInternet Security As the internet grows so has the number of security and virus threats. Prevention is better than cure and a good security package will keep intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing your personal information. Data RecoveryData Recovery System Network And Design can help you to backup your photos, music and videos and other data safely. We also offer a data-recovery services that can recover lost files after a hardware crash, software problem or virus. Computer Tune-upComputer Tune-up Just like your car, a PC needs a tune-up every now and then. Our tune-up will make it run faster, smoother and remove all those annoyances like programs freezing or not even starting up. If you feel like your computer is not performing then this could be the solution for you. Broadband and home networking setupBroadband and home networking setup We can help you set up your broadband and your wireless network. If you have more than one computer in your home we can make them work together. They can use the same internet connection and let you share your music, photos and videos to whatever PC you are at.
  • Computer freezes or is too slow
  • Computer won’t shut down or start up
  • Keeps crashing or blue screen
  • Computer will not boot
  • Cannot access email or Internet
  • Computer needs repair on site at home or business
  • Printer problems
  • Computer has a virus, spyware, pop-ups or spam
  • Software is not running properly
  • Repair any computer operating system issues
  • Remove all viruses and spyware
  • Install critical updates
  • Perform optimization for faster computer speed and better performance
  • Install security and privacy software to keep your computer protected